Bring his equipments

Can you bring your own kite equipment and what is the allowable baggage allowance?

Travel light: More and more companies are limiting the weight of luggage. Airlines have various policies for excess baggage. Your travel agency can report to the companies the transport of equipment when booking the file.
Sports equipments
In addition to your checked bag allowance, some companies will accept a sports item free of charge. While others will add charges for the transport of equipment. Please note that the cost of excess baggage must be paid to the airline when the flight is registered. The space for sports equipment in the hold of each aircraft is limited. The carrier can refuse to take care of them in case of lack of space. 
Please note that you can not substitute any personal belongings or other items of equipment for the sporting item transported free of charge. If you wish to bring an item that is not mentioned by the airline, it will be included in your normal baggage allowance and may be subject to excess baggage charges.
If you have booked a package, it is important to know that in some destinations there may be a charge for ground transportation of sports equipment to your hotel. BOOK TRANSFER

 Be careful, traveling with my kite surfing equipment is not without risk for the latter. Kitesurf Cuba Travel advises to pack the equipment well and to take out special insurance for the transport. For some airline, sport equipment will only be accepted if the passenger signs a release form releasing the airline from any claim in the event of damages. Passengers are advised to purchase additional insurance.


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