Léandro Jonte Humara school director

After several trips around the world (Asia, America and Europe), it was while living away from my native island that I became aware of all its riches. Thanks to a diploma from the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Cuba, I worked for several years in the field of tourism at home and abroad. With a strong experience in customer service, today I have the mission to make known the beauty of my country away from the circuits and tourist centers. Cuba, it is not only that, it is infinitely more than that!

Idalberto Alvarez Perez...Pirito

My name is Idalberto Alvarez Perez also known as Pirito or Alberto for many Canadian Kitesurfing friends. I am 24 years old ,, I come from a nautical family like many of my cousins, uncles or even my own father who was an athlete and professional coach. I began to practice water sports at 9 years old (Sailing) and I quickly started to win medals in several events during my youth and also several international events in which I participated, classified me among the 10 best athletes in my sport on a technical level. But I was always passionate about windsurfing, as it was my hobby always, but everything changed the day I visited Cayo Coco for the first time. This is where I got to know Kite surfing and I fell in love with this sport. I then decided to leave sailing as a sport to devote myself entirely to kitesurfing. The first thing I did was to perfect my practice of kite to make it technically perfect and then dedicate myself body and soul to learning languages ​​to be able to communicate in English, French and Italian. My passion and dedication, I have had the opportunity to work in Russian, Italian and Canadian schools and after several hours of teaching and the privileged contact that I cultivate with clients, I want to Surpass even more and take up new challenges thanks to kitesurfing.

Antonio Lusson

Antonio Lusson is by far one of the best kitesurfers in Cuba. The passion for extreme sports and kitesurf came to him very young. Jeune Lusson was himself part of the National Junior Swimming Team and the water seems to be his natural environment, in addition to later becoming the champion of skate racing, another extreme sport. The stitch of the kite came to him by accidentally seeing a video, which immediately prompted him to find the equipment. At the time impossible to find in Cuba, the equipment was given to him by the representatives of Red Bull passing on the island. Since then, he has become one of the best kitesurfers in Cuba, participating in national and international championships and events. Recognized for his acrobatics and jumps of 25 meters, Lusson is also the official representative of the Core brand in Cuba, besides being a successful entrepreneur: when he is not in the water, Lusson works on his other creations, Café Fortuna and the famous El Palio restaurant.

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